On A Stick

Souvlaki                 $ 3.00
Chicken                  $3.00

Sandwiches On A Pita

-Souvlaki                   $5.00
-Pork Gyro                 $5.00
-Chicken Gyro           $5.00

On Italian Bread
-Souvlaki                   $8.00
-Chicken                    $8.00
-Pork Gyro                  $8.00
-Chicken Gyro             $8.00

Platters Over French Fries or Rice

-Souvlaki                   $9.00
-Chicken                    $9.00
-Pork Gyro                  $9.00
-Chicken Gyro            $9.00

Our Menu

Greek Souvlaki

King Souvlaki

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Greek Salad  $8.00

Mixed Greens, Tomatoes, Red Onions, Cucumbers, Kalamata Olives and Feta Cheese. *Meat is Extra.

Our Fries are Cooked in Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

French Fries                   $3.50
Greek Fries                    $5.50

*Topped with Greek Feta Cheese


Feta Cheese                   $2.00
Tzatziki                            $3.00 
Pita Bread                      $0.50

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Marinated and Ready to Cook Souvlaki or Chicken

$1.60 per Stick